Contechs Transparent Face Mask Feedback Form

For all
•    To inform future design of transparent face masks and feed relevant information into SCCL 
•    Better understand where we might use transparent face masks, to see if they are useful in different settings across health and social care


For the wearer
•    To gain user/wearer feedback for the Contechs TFRSFM from IPC leads and information on usage settings within Trusts


For the person who benefits from the transparent mask
•    To evaluate the transparent face mask, when compared to current face masks and other TFM’s


Different people may need to use different masks for different reasons, based on the individuals requirements, condition or settings. A range of people may need to wear or have benefit of transparent masks, as highlighted below:

Window Mask Master Composite.png

1) Please select which people groups are appropriate for your organisation: Multiple
3) What is the reason for wearing the Contechs Transparent Face Mask? (Select all that apply to your organisation)
Complex Needs
Speech and/or language therapy

4)    In which of the below areas are you planning on using the transparent mask? (Multiple)

Adult Social Care
Children's Services

In all the following questions we are asking you to compare the transparent mask you tried to the normal non-transparent mask you wear in your workplace except for the final 2 questions.

6) Who was the transparent face mask worn for on receipt of sample?
7) What was the longest you continuously wore a single mask?

Comparing the transparent mask you tried to the normal non-transparent mask you wear in your workplace:

8) Ease of putting the mask on (donning)
9) How was the overall comfort?
10) Specific comfort of the straps
11) The overall fit of the mask
12) Ease of taking the mask off (doffing)
13) Do you think it affected level of sound of your voice
14) Do you think it affected your ability to lip read
15) Do you think it affected your ability to see the mouth and facial expressions
16) Do you think it affected the clarity of your speech
17) Did the clear element of the mask create any noise pollution
18) The amount of moisture/sweat
19) The amount of irritation to your skin
20) Transparent mask evaluation (compared to your normal mask)
21) Transparent mask evaluation user (compared to other TFM’s)
22) The overall quality components of the mask compared to other TFM’s
24. Approximately how many type IIR masks does your organisation use per week?
25. What percentage of those type IIR masks do you need to be transparent masks in your organisation?
26. Did the mask improve communication?
27. Does your organisation feel there is a need for this product?

Thank you for taking the time to complete this feedback form.

Thank you for taking the time to complete your feedback.