Product Description:


Product Code: 

273-MHA-HC-AA (00)

  • Material Type: Single use non-woven SMS

  • Material Weight: 41gsm

  • Base Colour: Blue

  • Size: One Size

  • Fit: Latex free elasticated forehead and neck retention

  • Manufacture: One Piece Design / Overlock seam

  • Unique Characteristics:

  • Fully Enclosed Hair of various sizes

  • Easy fit & Removal

  • Allows Ear access for masks or equipment


  • Designed to allow people of all cultures and religions to feel comfortable whilst at work, Contechs Medical has produced two unique types of single use PPE garments under the Branding of HairTechs Products – The Hijab and MHSC (Multi-Hair-Style Cap) will be made available for all sexes and manufactured in the UK. 

    Expertly designed to allow access to ears for face mask and equipment application, both products are designed for ease of application in a ‘one-piece’ concept that features positive retention to allow the user to feel safe whilst maintaining dignity within the workplace.

    The HairTechs Hijab design offers full neck and shoulder coverage and features wrap around technology to allow for slackening or tightening dependant on head or neck shape. The one-piece design comprises two colour coded Velcro attachment points to compensate for necessary adjustments and also allows easy access to ears for face mask and equipment application.


    The HairTechs MHSC has a simple easy to fit and removable solution and fully encloses the hair and caters for a variety of different hair lengths, heights and styles, utilising latex free elastic the cap is held firmly in position regardless of hair weight.


    HIJAB Patent Pending GB2102362.7

    MHSC Patent Pending GB2102362.7